An elastomeric membrane coating is back-rolled or sprayed onto your existing roof to extend its lifespan without resorting to a full roof replacement. The word ‘elastomeric’ is just a technical word for ‘elastic’ or ‘stretchable.’

What Is an Elastomeric Membrane Roof or Coating?

Before applying an elastomeric membrane coating, our Ottawa roof pros check your existing roof for leaks or other problems. Elastomeric membrane coatings are typically applied to roofs that are in good condition but nearing the end of their warranty period.

The membrane is much thicker than paint. Once applied, it forms a waterproof layer that expands and contracts in response to temperature changes without cracking or tearing. Although the cost of installing an elastomeric membrane is more than asphalt, it proves sustainable in the long term.

At Special Roofing, we strongly recommend elastomeric membrane coatings for several reasons explained below.

Why Consider an Elastomeric Membrane Roof?

Flexible elastomeric membrane roofing offers key advantages for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. These include:

Added Protection

Applying an elastomeric membrane coating helps your roof become more resistant to temperature changes, winds, and damage. There are fewer chances of the roof developing tears and punctures due to ageing.

Increased Life Expectancy

Applying an elastomeric membrane coating helps extend the life expectancy of your current roof. They are used to increase the lifespan of residential and commercial roofs that are still in good condition.

Energy Efficient

An elastomeric membrane roof mimics the effect of a cool roof in that it reflects sunlight and keeps the heat off during the summer months.

Elastomeric membranes are best applied during mild, dry weather as moisture can affect the coating’s integrity and adhesion. Sunny conditions help the coat dry well and faster. If you can choose your time, opt for mild autumn or spring days.

Do Elastomeric Membrane Roofs Live Out Their Warranty?

The best part about elastomeric membrane roofing is that it performs well even with minimal maintenance and care. Most elastomeric membrane roofs last for at least ten years and can last for 20 years with regular maintenance.

In fact, it’s common to see most elastomeric membrane roofs still in good condition after the warranty has expired. Make sure you contact our trained roofers at Special Roofing, Ottawa, after a bad weather event like hail or rainstorm to check for damage.

A professional roof inspection can help prevent costly repairs that occur due to neglect or poor maintenance. We check for tears, punctures, cracking, and wearing out of roof material, especially in high foot traffic areas. Our certified roofing pros also check for areas where water travels, including gutters, scuppers, and drains.
Professional Application Expertise

If the elastomeric membrane shows premature signs of damage, it could be due to poor installation. Tears can show up if the coating is too thin or too thick or adhesion may be affected if the membrane is applied over debris or dirt.

Our experienced roofing professionals in Ottawa clean and dry your roof thoroughly before applying elastomeric membrane coating.

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