Insurance for Roof Damage, Repair and Replacement

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As far as roof damage is concerned, home insurance coverage may vary across companies and policies. While many insurance providers do cover roof damage, it often depends on the cause of the damage. Damage caused due to negligence, for example, may not be covered under insurance.

Willful Negligence and Damage May Not be Covered

Other important factors affecting extent of insurance coverage may include the age, size and type of roof as well as the area that you live in. Insurance companies are understandably careful as roof repairs and replacement can often run into thousands of dollars. Roof replacement, for instance, begins at approximately $7,000 with expensive roofs costing above $30,000.

Most insurance companies may cover basic damage to the roof caused due to a storm or a fallen tree. But you’re much more likely to collect insurance if your roof has been well-maintained. If the roof is 20 years or older, it may be more difficult to file a claim for insurance. Most insurance companies will not want to pay for a roof that was near the end of its life expectancy.

The likelihood of claiming insurance dramatically reduces if the insurers are able to pin the reason on you for a roof malfunction. For example, if a roof shingle blew off the roof and left the underlayment exposed to rain and snow, it’s better to get it fixed. If there is a resultant water leak at a later date, the insurers may not cover the damage.

Getting the roof regularly inspected for wear and tear can help you meet the insurers demands in order to claim coverage.

Hire a Licensed Local Contractor

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Most insurers have a list of preferred roofing companies and it pays to use the reliable services of one of these. A detailed report describing the state of the roof, the cause of the damage accompanied by photographs can do a lot towards increasing the chances of claiming insurance.

In worst case scenarios, they may pay you the actual cash value of the old roof taking into account the depreciated value rather than the original value. In such cases, the property owner may be forced to pay for the remainder of the roof replacement on their own.

Contact us with your roofing concerns and we’ll do everything we can to solve your problem. We will inspect your premises, examine the roof from end to end, take professional photographs and prepare a detailed report. Our esteemed customers also get a no-cost, no-obligation quote from us.

You can trust special roofing Ottawa to prepare a fair estimate of costs for roof inspection, repair or replacement. It’s best not to wait to replace your roof until the very last. Keep your roof in mint condition by scheduling regular roof maintenance. In addition to reducing unwanted hassle, this will also increase the chances of claiming insurance for roof damage.


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