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Damages and leakages in roofs do not give any notice before they occur, this can be daunting because they happen when they are not planned for. Once your roof starts leaking, you need a roof repair to avoid further damage or excessive leakage.

You need not wait till you roof starts leaking before you seek the help of a professional, keeping a healthy roof maintenance routine saves you the stress of worrying about roof leak repair or flat roof repair. The moment you feel there is something odd about your roof, it’s likely you are right. Do not wait till it all goes awry before you act.

At special roofing Ottawa, we have a team of professionals who are pre-empted to offer you the best roof repair service. Whether it is a roof leak repair or flat roof repair, we offer the best services. There are too much stress and risk in trying to fix your roof all alone. Aside from the fact that you can damage the roof the more, you can also injure yourself while trying to do so.

Hiring at experts at special roofing Ottawa offers you all the insurance you need on the project. Here is a list of the services we offer at special roofing Ottawa;

  • Commercial roof repair

If you are in Ottawa looking for a reliable and professional company to render commercial roof repair services, you do not need to search too far, special roofing Ottawa is the best choice. We have roof repair experts that offer commercial services which include, roof inspection, roof maintenance, detection of leakage, roof replacement, ice and snow removal and others.

special roofing Ottawa is a commercial roof repair company that you can trust. If you have an office space, commercial real estate, studio, and other facilities that need roof repair, we are just a call away.

  • Residential roof repair

Whether minor or major, damage to your residential roof is not something to joke about. There are many valuables in the house that you cannot afford to lose to harsh sun exposure or leakages. Do not try to patch it up, fix it! We have experts that render residential roof inspection, roof maintenance, roof repair, and replacement. When it comes to residential roof repair, getting a professional opinion is vital. Trying to do it all on your own can cause more damage.

A residential roof repair starts with an inspection, knowing where the problem is as well as its nature is important in rehabilitating your residential roof. Our team of residential roof repair experts is always on round to solve all your repair needs.

  • Leaking roof repair

Living or working under a leaking roof is an awry experience, it is an experience that you can avoid at all cost. Whether you are at home or your workplace, seeing water run down your ceilings is bad. Aside that leaking roofs can damage many valuables in you have in the building, leaking roofs deprive you of your coordination. When you notice leakage at a corner of your home or office, you need the service of an expert for a roof leak repair. 

In most cases, leaking roofs do not start as an emergency, they start as little droplets that many people ignore. Ignoring a little leakage in your home can cause a bigger problem. Hence, it is important that you do not wait till the leakage becomes an emergency before you reach us at special roofing Ottawa. 

  • Roof restoration 

Roof restoration is a process that every building whether commercial or residential must go through at one time or the other. The same way you do not wait till you skin develop wrinkles before you apply age restoration cream is the same way to treat your roof. 

Although, many people do not see the need for a roof restoration until an emergency happens. A routine process of roof maintenance which includes roof restoration can save you a whole lot of headaches later in the future. Also, roof restoration is cost-effective. With the help of professionals, you can extend the lifespan of your roof at a little cost. There is also insurance on every service we render, you can trust to get the best service.  

Roof restoration helps fix the following roof problems;

  • Joint gaps
  • Weak shingles
  • Fragile tiles and 
  • Rust in metals. 


  • Metal roof repair

The metal roof forms a larger percentage of the overall roofing system, many houses, malls, offices, stores, worship places, museums and what have you have metal roofs. The durability of metal roofs is why they are commonly used for buildings. 

At special roofing Ottawa, we offer exceptional metal roof repair services. If you have rusted metal roofs or leaky metal roofs, you need to seek repair for them without further ado. Metal roof repair goes beyond patching, the metal roof needs to be fixed properly to avoid further chaos. Our experienced tinsmiths are available to help fix your metal roof. 

Metal roof leaks are quite common, but there are solutions we have come up with to deal with this problem. With the help of our knowledgeable tinsmiths, you have nothing to worry about. 

Aside from metal roof leaks, there are other conditions common to metal roofs for which you need the service of an expert. They are; open seams and ridges, fastener spoilage, damage of screw, among others. 

We can fix the above problems with metal roofs professionally, we have specialists and tinsmiths that can help with metal roof repair. All services are rendered at an affordable roof repair cost, there is also insurance on all the services. 

Aluminum roof repair

Aluminum is another material used for roofs, it is durable but can also experience some damage. Fixing aluminum roof problems requires a lot of expertise, so, do not attempt to fix your aluminum roof all by yourself. 

Also, since there are many types of roofing aluminum, fixing their problems also varies. Leverage on the team of aluminum roof repair experts to get all your repairs done. You can trust that all repairs done have a guarantee for a longer life span. 

Rubber roof repair

Although, this is not as common as metal and aluminum, there are some roofs made of rubber. Procedures for rubber roof repair are slightly different from that of metal roof repair or aluminum roof repair. This is why you really need a professional to fix your roof. 

EPDM roofing is the same as rubber roofing. If you want a long-lasting rubber roof repair, seek the service of our professionals and you can be sure to get the best service.     

  • Flat roof repair

A roof that maintains a flat position as against the common sloppy position is flat. Flat roofs can also leak or crack, leading to damage. At Special Roofer Ottawa, our service coverage extends to flat roof repair. We render ice and snow removal services for all roof types, even flat roofs. 

  • Hail Damage Roof

We also have experts that fix hail damage roof, this is quite a sensitive repair process which needs that attention of experts.  When hail falls, it can damage roofs, whether metal or aluminum roof. Although it is an occurrence that is unplanned for when it happens, the roof must be fixed. Our experts carry out a round of inspection to detect where the problem is before a hail damage roof repair commences. 

Roof repair cost

The earlier you decide to seek our help in fixing or restoring your roof, the better it is. At Special Roofer Ottawa, we render professional services at an affordable cost. All our repairs are cost-effective and we also give professional advice to clients. Our quality of service surpasses any fee you are charged.  



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