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Opting for roof replacement is no easy task for any residential or commercial property owner. With so many roof materials and types to choose from, making the right decision can be a daunting task. If your roof is old and has deteriorated past a point, it may be better to replace it rather than repair it. Most importantly, roof replacement may not be as expensive as you’d imagined. A reliable local tinsmith would be able to offer a range of roofing options for your requirement.
Every roof may require replacement at a point when it has lived its full life. There are several benefits to roof replacement and once you are familiar with the facts, you can make the final decision.

Warning Signs That Your Roof May Need Replacement

Most property owners face a typical dilemma of repairs versus replacement when a roof is past its prime. If the deterioration is severe, repairs can only patch up the problem to a limited extent. In such cases, the roof will definitely need to be eventually replaced. However, making an informed choice well in advance is a much safer option compared to waiting for an accident to happen.

If the roof suddenly breaks or caves in, you’ll generally end up paying much more and it’s also likely to be a stressful experience. In general, if your roof is over 15 to 20 years old, it may be a good idea to replace it. The time span may vary across materials and also depends on level of maintenance.

In addition to wear and tear, single damage, mangled flashing, broken deck or growth of moss and algae may indicate that the roof is past repair. A good way to make sure is to schedule a professional roof inspection which will help you understand the exact extent of damage, the roof replacement cost and time duration required for replacement or installation.

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Commercial Roof Replacement

If you hire a certified roofing contractor, you’re likely to enjoy a reliable warranty as well as peace of mind. A new roof is usually guaranteed to last for several years – or even decades-to come and the initial investment will provide excellent value for your money.
special roofing Ottawa suggests that repairing a commercial roof (that actually needs replacement) will only end up prolonging the problem and worsening it in many cases. We value your heard-earned dollars and offer the most reliable roof repair and replacement services in the area.

Residential Roof Replacement

A damaged residential roof is not only a source of unwanted problems and expense, it can be downright risky to your loved ones. If you notice visible leaks, growth od mold and mildew and spiking energy bills, it’s very likely that your old, damaged roof is at the bottom of it. If the roof is sagging down, you may also find it difficult to close the doors and windows.

Our team of specialists will be happy to inspect your roof and suggest options for your budget and requirement. Postponing roof replacement can increase safety risks for your family, children and pets.

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Flat Roof

Flat roof replacement may be necessary due to age, damage from water or ice and snow. Flat roofs are more prone to pooling of water and piling up of snow and ice as there is no slope for draining away quickly (compared to pitched roofs).

We offer an exciting range of flat roofs including eco-friendly options for every pocket. Tell us your requirements and our experienced team will work with you to decide on the best roofing option for your property.

Metal Roof

As a seasoned roofing company, we’d like to suggest that metal roofs are one of the most durable, high quality roofs designed to live a long life. In addition, they’re also known for

They come in a range of materials, pricing and options and our friendly staff will be happy to clarify any doubts or questions regarding roofing costs and time schedules for replacement. Metal roofs can also be 100% recycled at the end of their lifecycle and broken metal shingles are often used in buildings as scrap material.

Asphalt Shingles Roof

An attractive asphalt shingle roof can give your house a whole, new look and breathe new life into the aesthetics. Asphalt roofs come in a range of sizes and prices (depending on the type of asphalt used) and we’ll help you select the best one for your residential or commercial property.

Slate Roof

Choose your slate roof from different styles including rough or rustic to smooth and uniform. That’s not all – you can also opt for textured or graduated patterns and select from a palette of attractive colors. Slate roofs are known for their impressive lifespan which can even extend to 75 or 100 years for high quality roofing. You can enhance the appearance of any residential or commercial property in Ottawa from a rich variety of slate textures or even mix and match them with stunning effects.

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Roof Replacement Costs

Roof replacement will vary across types of materials, the size of the roof and of course, the roofing company that you use for your requirement. Typical costs vary between $3.50 and $5.50 per square foot although these rates are only indicatory.

When you hire us, you can be sure of getting a fair deal and with no unpleasant surprises down the line in terms of hidden costs. We will send you a detailed estimate with an upfront FREE QUOTE before we begin work. As licensed roofers in the Ottawa area, we also work with insurance companies to help customers prepare a legitimate claim. Please bear in mind that insurance companies may refuse to pay for roof repairs in cases of negligence. 

As a reputed local Canadian company, we not only offer extensive roof repair and replacement services, we also offer affordable garage roof replacement. Choose the right roof to suit your budget and preferences.

Roof Replacement Benefits

Home roof replacement not only enhances the overall appearance of your house, it also increases the property value in case you wish to sell or rent it out. Regular roof maintenance also helps control energy wastage and prevent the growth of algae, mold and mildew. Most of all, a new roof replacement can help you enjoy enhanced peace of mind for many years to come.

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