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Professional Ice and Snow Removal Prevents Problem-Causing Ice Dams on the Roof

Ice dams are the most common underlying causes for winter roofing problems in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Another cold winter has passed us by and we can now look forward to a few glorious summer months. While Ottawa sees its fair share of cold weather, it’s not snow on its snow that always the culprit (although continuous, heavy snowfall can cause roofs to sag or even break). Ice is often the bigger threat.

Ice membranes and stack roof vents do a lot towards solving the problem of snow accumulation. But despite this, your roof is vulnerable to the ravages of winter during extreme weather: Ice and snow can cause a lot more damage than you think. Our professional tinsmiths will know exactly what to do to remove the ice and snow with minimal risk of injury of accidents.

What Are Ice Dams and How Do They Damage Your Roof?

Ice dams have the potential to cause a lot of damage to your roof and consequently to our property. More importantly, the roof can only bear so much of that weight until it begins to show signs of damage.

In the normal course of things, ice and snow are not risky in that sense, they do weigh a lot more than we imagine. Heavy, wet snow weighs much more than light, fluffy snow. For example, you may be surprised to learn that 3 inches of snowfall sitting on a 1,000square-foot roof exerts the same weight as a car parked on the roof of your house.

Ice dams are formed when snow melts (due to heat transferred from the deck or attic) and trickles into the gutter, it may freeze again and form an ice dam. The first layer of snow (that lies close to the roof floor) tends to melt and freeze when it tries to flow off the roof edge.


When water tries to drain itself off the roof by flowing downward, it’s unable to cross the ice-dams formed on the roof edges. Ice-dams can be hard, tenacious and are not at all easy to get rid of.  Moreover, as a proud and responsible Canadian roofing company, we’d like to sincerely discourage customers from trying to climb onto icy roofs by themselves.

Slipping and falling is very risky in terms of injury and in extreme cases, such falls can actually be fatal. Piled-up ice and snow can also block chimneys and vents and increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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DIY Snow and Ice Removal is Risky

Hacking at the ice in the gutters or shingles is likely to be a tiresome and time-consuming process. Using a sharp instrument like an axe or a pick can break the gutter and shingles and perpetrate further roof damage. After a heavy snowstorm or hailstorm, it’s important to take preventative measures to stop the ice or snow from backing up and piling on the roof.

Roofs do not cave in often enough (ask us for more information regarding sturdy, quality roofing solutions), they do cave in now and then. Ice and snow are far more likely to mangle the roof in different ways including water damage, leaks, cracks, broken shingles and blocked gutters.

In fact, commercial roofs may be more prone to roof damage from ice and snow as store roofs generally tend to be flat rather than pitched. Pitched roofs allow for better weight distribution and are less vulnerable to ice and snow weight. However, in extreme circumstances, pitched roofs may cave in too.

Our expert reports and estimates can help you with your insurance claim. The extent of insurance may vary across policies and some may require you to install an ice and snow rider before they issue a check.

Professional Ice and Snow Removal Near You

special roofing Ottawa offers reliable ice and snow removal for every residential and commercial property in the area. Roof snow removal is a potentially dangerous job best left to professionals like us. Our crews will carry modern tools use the latest technology to ensure safe and efficient snow and ice removal from your roof.

Once we’ve finished clearing the ice, our roofers can also inspect your roof for damages and suggest appropriate roof repairs. In addition to snow and ice removal, we also offer state-of-the-art roof replacement, installation and professional roof inspection services.

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