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Are you looking for efficient roofing inspection, repair and installation services? As Ottawa’s most experienced roofers, we are proud to offer our amazing range of solutions to everyone in the Ottawa and Gatineau area.

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Roof Repair

Roof repair for all types of roofs

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement for all types of roofs

Roof Inspection

Roof inspection for all types of roofs

Ice and Snow Removal

Ice and snow removal for all types of roofs

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Roof repairs and replacement is a serious business

If your roof has been affected by the element or other external factors, you will understand this better.

The team at special roofing Ottawa is meant for this—to help you mitigate any challenge your roof may pose now and going forward. You can count on the unmatched service we deliver to residential and commercial homeowners in Ottawa. Little wonder we are their preferred choice.

We welcome our clients with professionalism and exceptional customer service, any time you contact special roofing Ottawa be sure that your needs will be met. If you’re not sure whether you need a repair or replacement service, we will clear any doubt and advice on the best option to go with.
We guide the entire project—with consideration given to the design of the roof and your comfort too. All possible options are explored to meet your specifications and needs.

It is time to enjoy the best roofing EXPERIENCE.

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Clients don’t just turn to us because they need a roof fixed or replaced— they do so because we deliver on our promise by surpassing their expectations. We boast of a long list of satisfied clients, which include homes and businesses. We are courteous in our dealings, with friendly and knowledgeable staff that can tackle all your projects even on short notice.

Our track record of success is evident, owing to the number of satisfied clients on our list. We have handled several projects, big and small, ranging from installations, repairs, and maintenance.

We have also earned trust in the way we do our roof inspection—we leave nothing to chance. We also do not take roof repair and roof replacement procedures with levity. It is of utmost importance to us that our clients adhere to local and federal guidelines as regards roofing your home. All of this adds up to delivering the best-in-class contracting services. Our mission is to ensure that we offer roofing solutions that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly.

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Our Services

Roof Repair

Damages and leakages in roofs do not give any notice before they occur, this can be daunting because they happen when they are not planned for.

Roof Replacement

Opting for roof replacement is no easy task for any residential or commercial property owner. Let us help!

Roof Inspection

Opt for professional roof inspection to help detect moisture, seepage and other structural problems.

Ice and snow removal

Our professional tinsmiths will know exactly what to do to remove the ice and snow with minimal risk of injury of accidents.

Roof Replacement

We have been providing Ottawa and its surroundings with quality services for several years and we don’t intend to stop yet. If you have been looking for a reliable roofing repair and replacement company, you just found one. We have a team of tinsmith that helps with metal roof repair and experts that render ice and snow replacement services to our clients.

Anyone can decide to replace their roof—when they deemed fit. After all, there are several roof replacement contractors in Ottawa. But, how do you decide the contractor to go with? Are roofs installed equally, or would you instead go with the cheapest quote? Roofing companies install roofs differently. In other words, roof installations are not done on an equal basis. The materials used will play a part in the cost of the roof. With lower quality material, expect a shorter life span and a roof prone to leaking, and will eventually cost you more in the long run in repairs.
When accepting a quote, consider the top visible layer of your roof, the type of underlayment to be used and its application. Your roof can experience serious PROBLEMS if you neglect these critical factors. Ice damming is a critical issue in Canadian winter, and without the application of ice and water shield, water can back up under the shingles and into your home as the ice dam melts.

But you don’t have to worry about all that when you choose special roofing Ottawa. It is in our character to employ high-quality materials when we serve you and also follow manufacturer specifications to get the most out of warranty coverage. Under our belt are some of the most experienced roofers who display professionalism and attention to detail each time they embark on a project. Also, there is insurance for all services rendered by our personnel.

Roof Repair

The weather can be unpredictable, and you don’t want to leave your roof to chance. That is why having a neat roofing system is paramount. Never allow leaks, torn shingles or broken tiles make the exterior of your home unattractive. special roofing Ottawa is poised to handle all your repair work—minor and major roof repair projects.
We have seen it all in this sphere of endeavor and we deliver the best roof repair service on this side of the world—yes! We are confident when it comes to quality service delivery.

Roof Maintenance

Everyone wants to extend the life of their roofing system for the obvious—prevent costly repairs much later. That can only happen when you schedule a maintenance plan with us. We first come to your home or business to perform a thorough assessment of what is at stake. By so doing, we will be able to detect water-entry points, surface defects and other damages that may become a problem later on in the future.
Don’t neglect your roofing system—it is one of the most valuable assets in your home. Otherwise, you will have to contend with debris and other factors that can reduce the performance of your roof.
Keeping your roof at its best is what we do, so contact us today.

Commercial Roofers

As a local roofing company, special roofing Ottawa goes the extra mile to ensure that your commercial property is protected with the best roofing system available.

Quality Commercial Roofing

In a bid to deliver excellent roofing services, we will first and foremost provide you with a comprehensive survey and analysis of the commercial roofing project. From inspection down to repairs or replacement, our team has the expertise to handle the project.

It is a common practice for us to work with industry-leading manufacturers so we can deliver high-quality roofing solutions that will last the test of time.

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• Among our team of staff are transparently honest individuals
• All of our professionals are insured and licensed; we keep up with the latest trends, practices, and building codes.
• Our wealth of experience is second to none, and we leverage on this to get ahead in this industry
• We boast of a long list of satisfied clients

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Look no further when you need a roof replacement or repair for your commercial property. Our eco-friendly roofing option is fit for your energy-efficient facility. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.

Residential Roofers

At special roofing Ottawa, our customers come first, so we treat them with the utmost respect—without them, there wouldn’t be us! In this vein, we go above and beyond to deliver high-quality materials, exceptional customer service, and quality craft to enhance your protection against the elements. We take roof inspection very seriously, which dictates the next line of action for the project to be carried out.
From clay tiles to composition shingles, a well-installed roof can add beauty to your home and at the same time protect you and your property. Regardless of the style of roofing material you choose to go with, we are poised to deliver a quality roof you will love. Our quality roof will last for several years to come while also making ice as well as ice and snow removal an easy feat.
Before you go ahead to make any decision concerning your roof, endeavor to consider your insurance policy.

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If you have been contemplating whether to replace your old roof, you can call on us for a roof inspection. With our findings, we can help you decide on what to do. When you are ready for a replacement, we will schedule an in-home consultation and provide you with a free estimate. We serve Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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