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When Should You Consider Commercial Roof Replacement?

Sturdy commercial roofs can resist wear and tear through the years. In a city like Ottawa that encounters many weather conditions, damage to commercial roofs is visible through leakages and seepage, blisters forming on the surface, rust formation, and rotting. 

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Commercial Roofs: Repairs or Replacement

Installation of a good commercial roof can be a complicated and noisy process.

Open Seams

With fluctuating temperatures, roof seams expand and contract. This can lead to gaps between shingles, and eventually cause leakage. 


Flashing plays an important role in commercial roofing systems. Deterioration of flashing causes water and debris to seep into the building structure.

Damaged Roof Membrane   

Bald and damaged spots can form on roof membranes due to strong winds and cause the roof to lift. This can lead to gaps, seepage, and water leaks. 

Blistering and Bubbling

Bubbles on commercial roofs can be a sign of accumulated moisture and poor installation. Recurring blisters could mean the entire roof membrane has been compromised, and the roof may need more than isolated repairs. 

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Benefits of Installing a New Commercial Roof

Deciding to contact roofing pros can prove to be a dilemma. Considering that roof repair and installation is a lengthy and complicated task, most property owners in Ottawa postpone it and allow their roofs to deteriorate.

Sadly, this almost invariably leads to an expensive full roof replacement. The best option is to contact our Special Roofing experts for advice and assistance.

Benefits of a new commercial roof include:

Increased Storm Resistance

Ottawa is prone to rapidly changing weather conditions, including snow, hail, rain, and heat. Residential, industrial and commercial roofs are exposed to wear and tear due to the constantly fluctuating weather.

Minor roof damage may go unnoticed to the common eye, and calling in trained professionals can make all the difference. Our Ottawa roofing pros are experienced in repairing slate, asphalt, and metal roofs and inspect joints, gaskets and seams for problems.

Improved Safety

Over time, roofs often undergo degradation and breakage, and gutters and membranes wear down. We recommend regular roof safety inspections and repairs to help prevent costly repairs and even costlier replacements.

The absence of commercial and industrial roof inspections can cause injuries to customers and employees and result in expensive settlements, nasty lawsuits and insurance problems.

Increased Efficiency and Sustainability

Reliable roofing systems can help reduce your heating and cooling costs by preventing heat from entering your place of business and packing the heat during the winter months.

How Long Do Commercial Roofs Typically Last?

The typical life expectancy period of a commercial roof is 10-40 years and can vary based on the type of materials used as well as the quality of installation and maintenance.

A sturdy, attractive roof not only looks visually appealing but also guarantees increased lifespan, improved resistance to damage, and better drainage. Please contact our experienced team at Special Roofing, Ottawa, for commercial roofing replacement, inspection, clean-ups, and maintenance.

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