While green roofs have been used for decades in parts of Europe, they’ve recently become popular in Canada. A green roof is used to grow plants and shrubs, similar to a rooftop garden. A well-designed green layer can transform your flat or low-sloped roof into an aesthetic space.

What Is the Point of a Green Roof?

Installing a vegetative layer can turn your existing roof into a green or living roof. Many homeowners and commercial property owners in Ottawa are seriously considering installing green roofs due to a variety of reasons.

Global warming is a real threat, and residents all over Canada now prefer to opt for eco-friendly, sustainable home renovation solutions. Living roofs are called ‘green’ for two reasons: One, they contain green plants, shrubs, and trees, and two, they are an eco-friendly option.

Green roofs can reduce the temperature of your roof as well as the surrounding air. Although they involve a higher initial investment, they provide long-term value in terms of aesthetics and energy efficiency. It’s not necessary to only have grass, plants, fruit-bearing trees, and vegetables (although that’s an option for customers who want it) but also keep it simple with grass and perennials.

At Special Roofing, Ottawa, we have the expertise to install green roofs for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs come with a long list of useful advantages:

Better Drainage

Water is drained from flat and low-pitched roofs through a network of pipes. In a green roof, the plants and substrate absorb water and release it naturally back to the environment.

Improved Curb Appeal

It’s always wonderful coming home to an enticing change of scenery and a soothing green space.

Thermal Performance

One of the best advantages of green roofs in Ottawa is undoubtedly their thermal performance. Conventional roofs often experience sweltering heat during the summers and substantial heat loss during the winter months. Plants absorb the sun’s energy during summer and lock the heat inside during winters.

Our highly skilled roofing experts at Special Roofing are adept at installing, repairing, and maintaining green roofs. Let us know your green roofing preferences regarding the type of plants, size, and design, and we’ll work hard to give you what you want.

Green Roof Facts

Green roofs are more expensive than traditional options, thanks to the extra support required to help the roof handle the increased load. Poor installation can result in water penetrating the waterproof roof membrane and causing leaks that can affect structural integrity.

However, over time, green roofs make up for the higher investment with the incredible advantages they offer. In addition, the weight of a green roof can add anywhere between 50, and 200kg/meter and your roof may need to be retrofitted to handle this extra load.

Green roofs require hands-on maintenance and regular care to keep them functional and looking good. If you’re considering the idea of a green roof, please contact our experienced roofers at Special Roofing, Ottawa, for design options and costs.

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