Slate roofs are a traditional material of choice for any property, both residential and commercial. However, while such sturdy material is sometimes stereotypically expected to last for a long time, it is quite common for slate roofs to leak, grow cracks and require replacement.

With its’ timeless appearance and environmentally friendly structure, it is no surprise that residents in Ottawa prefer slate roofs. However, given their heavy nature and specialized installation requirements, it’s best to contact the Special Roofing experts when it comes to slate roof replacement.

Is It the Right Time for Slate Roof Replacement?

Slate roofs are known as 100-year roofs for their durability. Even so, there may come a time where your roof needs repair and replacement. While this operation can prove to be confusing and time consuming, calling in professionals to inspect and evaluate your roofing needs saves time and your valuable dollars.

From a wide array of textures and contemporary to classic designs, slate roof replacement is now a preferred roof material. Whether it’s a rustic, luxury, or uniform aesthetic, Ottawa slate roofs are now available in an assortment of colours, prints and patterns.

Indications that you may need to replace your slate roof could include:


Cracks in the seams or between shingles of slate often serve breeding ground for mold and lead to excessive moisture retention. When cracked and broken shingles begin to take on a greenish hue, it may be time to call Special Roofing for repair and replacement.

Water Stains

When slate roof shingles reach the end of their shelf life, their ability to retain water increases. This leads to a build-up of rust which can further cause a domino effect, forcing other shingles to slip off the roof surface and cause damage to the property.


Under the serious wet weather conditions in Ottawa, it is common for slate shingles to absorb large amounts of water over the course of the years. This causes slates to peel and pull away from each other creating an uneven roofing landscape.

Call Our Slate Roof Replacement Pros

We offer an array of slate roof materials for replacement and repair purposes. Natural slate roofs come in a palate of grey, red and even blues depending on the source and respond well to changing weather patterns that are common in Ottawa.

Available in new factory colours, fiber cement slate is a common choice for roof replacement in Ottawa, given its lighter weight and easier installation requirements. Following this, bitumen slate roofs provide a smoother finish and have a flexible structure, making it a suitable choice for not only terrace roofing but also window panes as well.
Choosing the most suitable slate roofing material for your property can prove to be quite a confusing dilemma. To ease this process, our highly trained roofing professionals offer reliable inspection services and source materials from reputable manufacturers.

At Special Roofing, we provide efficient, courteous, and professional roofing services for our esteemed residential and commercial customers in Ottawa.

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